Level 2 Traffic Marshall (Banksman) Training

Traffic Marshall / Banksman Training (HSE Compliant)

According to the Health and safety executive (HSE) Banksmen are operatives trained to direct vehicle movement on or around site. They are often called Traffic Marshalls.

traffic marshall course

Therefore, a traffic marshall or Banksman is an operative trained to direct vehicle and plant movement on or around a construction or parking site. They also monitor and manage traffic entering and leaving site related to deliveries or pickups as well as create temporary or permanent routes and barriers.

They can also work with other operatives in order to get involved in site logistics after some experience and further training on the site.

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing. Reversing accidents not involving injuries can also result in in damages to vehicles, equipment, and premises. Therefore, one of the main reasons for employing a Traffic Marshal is to improve safety levels on site.

Most of these accidents can be avoided by employing a Traffic Marshal to implement simple and effective precautions.

Our course follows the HSE Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 which means our Training is consistent and universal to meet your legal training obligations.

Our 1/2 Day Traffic Marshal (Banksman) Course is a very important ticket to have for anyone working in construction, security, manufacturing, hospitality, parking enforcement or anyone with the responsibility of loading, unloading and movement of vehicles.

The course is suitable to or aimed at supervisors, managers and anyone who wishes to control vehicles on and around their site / workplace.

Age requirement:

Minimum age required for this course is 16 years

Duration of the Course

The duration of this course is ½ day. The course is consisting of theory by power point presentation and practical training.

What is included in the Traffic Marshall course?


  • Duties and responsibilities of Traffic Marshall / Banksman
  • Health & Safety Law on Traffic Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Risk Assessment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • HSE recommended Safety Signs
  • Dangerous Maneuvers –
  • Reversing
  • HSE Hand Signals
  • Assessment

Assessment / Test

The assessment is by written and practical observation/ examination / Test.

On successful completion of the training programme, a “Level 2 Award in Traffic Marshal / Banksman training” certificate will be issued to the learner. This qualification is valid for 3 years.

Traffic Marshall Course Location

While booking is available by online or phone calls to our office, this course is normally delivered at our training Centre face-to-face in the classroom. However, if you want to book 6 or more for this course, we can deliver this course on your site, subject to a pre-course assessment of your premises. It will, reduce your costs in respect of additional time out and travelling expenses.

For individual course places, please see our website for further information or for group bookings, please contact us for an On-Site Training quote.

Our qualified Traffic Marshall instructors can provide training at your premises, at a time and date to suit your requirements and on discounted prices.

For group booking or group discounts, please email us at [email protected]. If you have any other questions, please call our office on 020 3488 2333 or 07378 352 465. For regular updates please visit our website or our Facebook page.

Traffic Marshall / Banksman Training (HSE Compliant)
Traffic Marshall / Banksman Training £59.99 £49.99 30th June 2024

Location: Ilford

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