Most of our students pass comfortably. Guaranteed success and satisfaction. We have a 96% pass rate.
We are one of the fastest growing compliance training providers in UK.


Students have different levels of motivation, different attitudes about teaching and learning, and different responses to specific classroom environments and instructional practices. The more thoroughly instructors understand the differences, the better chance they have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all of their students. We will identify your needs and then work on them to achieve great results.

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We guarantee our students success and satisfaction. Most of our students pass comfortably and we have a pass rate of 96%.

We are one of the fastest growing compliance training providers in the United Kingdom.


With years of experience in compliance training we have grown tremendously over the years in the education sector.You can get training from best compliance training provider. We now offers in over ten departments, specialising in providing approved and accredited qualifications in the following training sectors: first aid, food safety, health and safety, personal licence, SIA Security licence and teacher training courses. We offer our courses through various channels to match your needs. This means our courses are deliverable In-house privately at your premises, via Distance Learning or Open Courses at various sites around the UK. Our career enhancing training courses are delivered by only approved and accredited trainers. We strive to provide you with the best training in a fun, enjoyable, yet professional environment.

Compliance Training

Compliance training refers to the process of educating employees on laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities. An organization that engages in compliance training typically hopes to accomplish several goals:
– Avoiding and detecting violations by employees that could lead to legal liability for the organization
– Creating a more hospitable and respectful workplace
– Laying the groundwork for a partial or complete defense in the event that employee wrongdoing occurs despite the organization’s training efforts
– Adding business value and a competitive advantage.

Individualized, Customized ​Learning Plans

A Personalized Student Learning Plan (PSLP) is defined as a formalized plan and process that involves students setting learning goals based on personal, academic and career interests. We will make sure that we teach you according to the interests and the career progression route that suits you.

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