Abrasive Wheels

Nearly half of all accidents resulting from abrasive wheels happen due to unsafe working practices and operator errors. If you work with abrasive wheels then following strict health and safety practices is paramount in order to protect both yourself and others from harm. This Abrasive Wheels course will provide you with an introduction to working safely with abrasive wheels so that you can easily identify the hazards, understand the risks and know which control measures are needed to prevent injury and ill-health. – Ensures compliance with UK Health and Safety legislation – Developed by health and safety professionals

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for anyone who uses abrasive wheels in their work activities.

The course is particularly relevant for those who use bench grinders, pedestal grinders and angle grinders. Although the training doesn’t cover the use of specialist grinding machines, the health and safety information throughout the course is still applicable.

This course has been written at an introductory level and no pre-requisite training is required. Experience of using abrasive wheels would be advantageous.


This course contains four accessible, interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end. These are:
•    Introduction to Abrasive Wheels – who needs abrasive wheels training, what are abrasive wheels, dangers of abrasive wheels, wheel safety, legislation, employer responsibilities, hierarchy of control measures, and employee responsibilities.
•    Risk Assessment – what is a risk assessment, identify the hazards, decide who might be harmed and how, evaluate the risks, record the findings and implement them, and review and update.
•    Risk Reduction: Part One – can the task be avoided, wheel speed, wheel handling and storage, wheel mounting, wheel mounting on spindles, mechanical guards, safe working practices, inspections and checks, and dressing abrasive wheels.
•    Risk Reduction: Part Two – PPE, eye protection, harmful dusts, dust extraction and PPE, vibration, noise, sparks, portable grinders, cables, training, communication, and housekeeping, and emergency procedures.

Aims of the Training Course

Upon completion of this course learners will be able to:
•    Give examples of common tasks using abrasive wheels and understand the associated risks.
•    Identify the factors that contribute to injury and to ill-health.
•    Recognise the control measures that reduce the risk of injury and ill-health from the use of abrasive wheels.
•    Understand how to correctly use abrasive wheels, including the control measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury and ill-health.

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