Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding

Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding / Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) 1 Day Course

Safeguarding is very important so that we can protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect

Principles of Safeguarding

Level 3 Award in Principles of Safeguarding, The key responsibilities of organizations, and those working for or on behalf of them, in relation to protection and safeguarding, including those required by law are vital and very important due to the nature of vulnerability.

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of elderly, children, and all other service users to protect them from harm.

Safeguarding means

  • protecting service users from abuse and maltreatment
  • preventing harm to service users’ health or development
  • ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care
  • taking action to enable all service users and young people to have the best outcomes.

We need to learn how to identify in order to protect and safeguard vulnerable individuals from abuse and neglect and take necessary steps to stop it. Everyone has the right to be safe and live without the fear of abuse, neglect or exploitation and this safeguarding course aims to teach you how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect and what actions you can take to stop this from happening and occurring again in the future.

Safeguarding Course provides learners with the knowledge to identify a safeguarding concern, record a disclosure and report to the appropriate authority and is suitable for all those who meets children or adults at risk of abuse or neglect.

After completion you can work as Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) as this course is for all those who are responsible / involved to protect the children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect.

Principles of Safeguarding Course Duration

Safeguarding course is a 1-day classroom-based.

What is included in the course?


  • The roles and responsibilities
  • How to report safeguarding concerns
  • Safeguarding legislation and guidance
  • Identify Abuse and neglect
  • Identifying concerns and disclosure
  • How to Make judgments
  • Assessment and marking
  • Indictors of abuse or neglect
  • Making judgments
  • Communication/ Sharing of information
  • Dealing with and reporting of allegations and complaints


After successful completion, aLevel 3 Award in Safeguarding” will be issued to the learner accredited by “Ofqual Regulated Awarding Organisations.”.

Principles of Safeguarding Course Location

While booking is available by online or phone calls to our office, this course is normally delivered at our training Centre face-to-face in the classroom. However, if you want to book 6 or more for this course, we can deliver this course on your site, subject to a pre-course assessment of your premises. It will, reduce your costs in respect of additional time out and travelling expenses.

For individual course places, please see our website for further information or for group bookings, please contact us for an On-Site Training quote.

Our qualified safeguarding instructors can provide training at your premises, at a time and date to suit your requirements and on discounted prices.

For group booking or group discounts, please email us at [email protected]. If you have any other questions, please call our office on 020 3488 2333 or 07378 352 465. For regular updates please visit our website or our Facebook page.


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